We adopted an older dog from the local shelter.  Shawn provided insight into the issues we needed to address to make Catto more comfortable with our household.  He is a much happier dog and we thoroughly enjoy his company - thanks to Shawn's training of both us and Catto.

Cheryl Frazier
My younger brother, Deuce and I would like to thank you so very much for taking such good care of us while our parents went away on vacation WITHOUT US! We were so happy to find that you had a fenced in backyard like ours that we could run free in all day if we so chose. We were glad you didn’t yell at us when we left muddy footprints on your floor or when my brother peed on your floor the very first time we came to your house. And we were soooo happy that you rewarded us with real chicken for our excellent behavior and snuggled with us on the couch while we watched T.V. We were also so very glad that you slept with us at night too since we just don’t like to sleep alone.  Our parents were very impressed to see how much we learned while they were away basking in the sun & swimming in the ocean without us! You even taught us not to beg at the dinner table while you humans devour such delicious foods. We must admit that we were not very enthusiastic to hear that our parents had enrolled us in your training program.  However, to our surprise you brought the school to our house and made learning lots of fun. You were very patient with us as we tried very hard to please you.  
My mom and dad have tried very hard to teach us to listen better, mom thinks she is the dog whisperer, but she’s not, I think you are! You have to be since you were able to teach my brother to not jump on people in just one training session! Oh yeah, my brother Deuce wants to give you a special thanks for altering your training and requirements of him because of his torn ACL and hip dysplasia. That meant a lot to him and to my parents. My parents want me to thank you for them as well. They want me to thank you for tolerating their many phone calls to check in on us while they were away and for the great, detailed, progress reports you gave to them after our stay and training sessions with you. They also want me to tell you thank you for teaching them how to get through to us and to get us to listen better to them. I think they might finally understand us. You are so very good to us and we can’t wait until we come to stay at your house again and you come back to our house to teach us more new things.

With much love and slobbery kisses,
Daisy & Deuce Kluczynski, the two most beautiful boxers in the world!
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I own a two year old very energetic Basenji.  Callie is very reactive to sudden movements and also very guarded about “her space.”  Last fall, Callie stayed with Shawn while we were gone on vacation for board and train.  Shawn was able to give her and us lots of help in dealing with her issues. Shawn is very knowledgeable in dog behavior, and her positive methods of training are perfect for all dogs. I highly recommend Shawn as a very skilled and positive trainer.  The follow-up advice Shawn provided by email after Callie’s stay was also very helpful to us. Thank you, Shawn.

Kathie, Dave and “Callie” Lemke
We really enjoyed this course [Polite Pooch]. We learned quite a bit about our dog's behavior.  We thought that the training was 'informal' and very useful. The hands-on experience benefited all involved. Ruby loved it.  Shawn is a great trainer and her time and effort is much appreciated! Thanks again!

Teresa and Peter Kamstra
I rescued Jake from a shelter, but I really think he rescued me. And, Shawn rescued both of us. 

I don’t want to sound too hokey. But, I have strong professional background in behavior, have owned dogs all my life, and have worked with many trainers.  However, I have never worked with a trainer who is as intelligent and has the background knowledge Shawn does. She is patient and taught me patience – no small feat. And, in turn, I became more comfortable with Jake, and he turned a corner. He is a fear aggressive dog and reacts to other dogs and some people.  But he has improved significantly because of positive training techniques. Over the 4 years I’ve owned Jake, I’ve received many opinions on how to work with him and read lots of articles. It became obvious that when force was used with Jake, I lost much of what I had accomplished. And, though force or punishment appears to yield quick results, the results were not lasting and ultimately made things worse. Shawn has helped me to understand how behavioral concepts I already knew applied to Jake. 

Everything we have worked on with Jake has yielded results. My relationship with him is much more positive and relaxed, and I am finally able to have fun with my dog.

Linda Zanot
The training sessions gave me a good foundation to build on.  What seemed insurmountable to begin with ended up being a very doable program.  And to see my dog respond....priceless!

Sharon Holz
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You have such a good way with the dogs!

Maury and Linda Sterken
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