Custom Pet's training and behavior modification plans focus on positive reinforcement - simply put, your pet is rewarded for performing requested behaviors.

If you consider the number of behaviors you are willing to reliably perform to earn a paycheck a few times each month, you can appreciate how positive reinforcement can be a powerful behavioral tool.  However, positive reinforcement alone may not be sufficient to maintain your best performance, especially if you have ever found yourself unhappy with your job.

By combining other behavioral techniques, such as changing your pet's emotional state and controlling inadvertent reinforcement, Custom Pet is able to capitalize on the full potential of positive-reinforcement training. In doing so, we are able to teach new behaviors and modify problem behaviors while avoiding painful punishments.
positive reinforcement - toys
positive reinforcement - ear scratch
positive reinforcement - food/treats
Potential side effects of painful punishments include the development and exacerbation of aggression, anxiety, fear, and learned helplessness
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Positive-Reinforcement Training
positive reinforcement - play
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